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What is a traineeship?

Am I eligible?

Where can I find out more about traineeship?

The Five-Step Guide to Traineeship in Ireland

What is traineeship?

Traineeship gives participants the opportunity to develop cutting edge skills and knowledge on-the-job, making them more skilled, more employable and enhancing their career options.

Traineeship is a programme of structured training which combines learning in an education and training setting and in the workplace aiming to improve recruitment and employment outcomes for participants and increase retention and productivity within industry.

Key features of
Traineeships in Ireland
  • They respond to an identified industry skills need

  • Lead to an award at NFQ Levels 4-6, or equivalent

  • Are between 6-20 months in duration

  • Have at least 30% of learning on-the-job

  • Combine transversal and technical skills development

  • Are designed for flexible delivery – online, blended learning

  • Provide open access to prospective trainees, unemployed people may be eligible for income support

Currently, there are over 30 traineeship programmes available around the country. This number will increase with the development of more traineeships across a range of industries and sectors.

The below list sets out the suite of current traineeship programmes.


Am I eligible?

Traineeships are open to all potential participants, of all ages and backgrounds, and are free of charge to participants. Trainees may include school leavers, older learners, those in employment and those who are unemployed.

People who are unemployed and wish, following engagement with their Intreo Case Officer, to access traineeship to upskill for employment, may be eligible for a training allowance or income support.

As of November 2017, eligibility and support to participate in a traineeship has been expanded. In line with the Pathways to Work 2016-2020 strategy, the Comprehensive Framework for Employment of People with Disabilities and the Action Plan on Jobless Households, eligibility to participate in a traineeship now includes unemployed people who are in receipt of the following payments:

Eligible persons must also be resident in the state and hold a valid PPSN.

Those in receipt of one of the payments above are eligible to retain their payment while participating in a traineeship. Prospective participants who fulfil these criteria are referred by Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) to an Education Training Board (ETB) and receive a training allowance for the duration of their training.

Where can I find out more about traineeship?

There is a range of guidance services available for those interested in traineeship. Prospective trainees may wish to access the guidance services in their local ETB, at second level or in higher education. For information on where to access guidance, see

Intreo offices and Local Employment Services also provide a guidance service locally and regionally to jobseekers. See and