Traineeship Programmes

Currently, there are over 50 traineeship programmes available around the country. New traineeships are developed on an ongoing basis across a range of industries and sectors in response to identified skill needs.

The current suite of traineeship programmes are listed below. Some of these programmes may not be open for registration at a particular time. Details of traineeship programmes currently open for registration is available on

Further information on traineeship programmes may also obtained from your local Education and Training Board (ETB). Details of your local ETB can be found on the Education and Training Boards Ireland webpage directory of ETBs.

List of Main Traineeships (end of December 2018)

List of Programmes Table Image

List of Traineeships - Explanatory Note

It is important to note that each Education and Training Board (ETB) decides which traineeships it will deliver, and in which specific format (e.g., content, duration, structure, etc.), based on needs identified in collaboration with industry representatives/employers in the sector and on local requirements.

In addressing the needs identified, ETBs may customise an existing traineeship. There may therefore be variation across ETBs with regard to the delivery of an existing traineeship and the result is that there may be a number of similar but not necessarily identical traineeships on offer in a particular occupation. For example, a variation may occur when an ETB customises some of the content to focus on a specific industry requirement, and the title of the traineeship may also be revised to reflect this e.g., the Beauty Therapist Traineeship may be revised to Beauty and Spa Therapist Traineeship.

The customised traineeship will however include core elements necessary to lead to the relevant award (e.g., International Therapy Examination Council award) and it will also comply with the key features which constitute a traineeship as outlined in the Five Step Guide to Traineeship in Ireland.

Ultimately, this means that the list of traineeships presented here is a list of the main traineeships potentially available for delivery in ETBs. Contact your local ETB for further information on individual traineeship programmes.